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Greg Hilchey:

"Count the people who you meet, not just the miles you've traveled"

I grew up in New England. Motorcycles weren't allowed in my family but, my neighbor had a 80cc dirt bike, and I would sneak off with him to the woods behind our school and ride. 

At 17 I joined the US Army and after 26 years, I received a full pension.

It wasn't until I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2000 that I discovered Dual Sport / Adventure motorcycling. In my 20's I was into vintage cafe racers, and I owned a beautiful BSA 650 lightning, but adventure touring was the thing that released the moto-gene  in my DNA. It consumed me. For the next ten years I would dream, plan and eventually prepare for an around the world journey.

My passion for motorcycles and adventure travel eventually lead me to become and instructor with Puget Sound Safety and Puget Sound Safety Off-Road. It has been one of the most rewarding jobs in my professional career. When I return, I hope to pass on my knowledge to new riders and inspire them to take their next adventure.

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