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My Monthly Budget for Food, Gas, Lodging, Shopping and Sightseeing is $1515.00

This does not include transportation, borders, insurance and other logistics which are another budget.

I use and APP call Trabee Pocket to track my spending.

March - $1,688.41.png
May - $1,291.99.png
July  - $1,257.43.png
September $1,084.99 (1).png
April - $1,562.61.png
June - $1,440.38.png
AUG - $1,504.57.png
October $1,287.58.png

Total Spent for 2017


Average Per day


Large ticket items (Things that cost more than $500 dollars)

Flights to USA x 2

Donation to my neighbors to help build a new house

Rent discount to my family caring for my / their house


All in all I did pretty good staying within my $45.00 a day budget. (Gas, Food, Lodging)

Money is always a hot topic when it comes to travel. So here is a Q&A of my finances.

Q: How can you afford this?

A: After 26 years in the Army, my daily expenses are covered by my pension.

Q: What about large expenses like shipping your motorcycle or border crossings?

A: I saved about 20K over ten years to cover large expenses and emergencies.

Q: How much do you spend a day?

A: My income allows for a budget of about $45.00 dollars a day for basic living. (Gas, Food, Lodging, Shopping, ect...) Of course some days you spend more, and some days you spend less.

Q: What are some ways to save money on the road?

A: When you can stay in one place for a while you will save money,. I stayed with a friend I made through a mutual friend for almost a month for free. 

Other ways to save money.

  • - I've had great experiences so far! It's a great way to get to know a place when you stay with locals.

  • Hostels vs Hotels - Hostels are generally going to be cheaper then a standard hotel.

  • Camping - Generally, I only camp when I am traveling between places or unless the destination is suitable for camping.

  • Social Networking - It's amazing how much we are connected around the world. I have stayed with people through mutual friends due to Facebook and other social networks.

  • Food - I tend to eat about twice a day.Cooking your own food is generally cheaper, but not always.

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